Watch Vikings Athletics on the NFHS Network

Spartanburg High School Vikings Athletics is pleased to announce its partnership with the NFHS Network to bring fans all of the action in Vikings Stadium and Vikings Arena.

The NFHS Network allows fans, parents, alumni or extended family to watch our athletes’ competitions on mobile devices and smart TVs.  Whether you are a fan in the area or a fan from home, an NFHS Network subscription keeps you connected to our basketball, football, volleyball, lacrosse and soccer games when scheduled in our main home venues or at other NFHS Network-partnered schools.

There are two types of high-definition broadcasts hosted on NFHS – automated productions and student productions.  A sample of each type of event is shared below.   Automated productions use unmanned camera technology to bringyou junior varsity games while the students of our Viking Video club produce the varsity basketball and football events with our new campus’s video broadcast infrastructure.

Proceeds from the subscriptions support the National Federation of High Schools as well as our Spartanburg High School Athletic Department.  Check out the sample to see and hear from previous basketball games.  Go to to sign up.