Important Dates

2019-20 Important Dates:

Sports Banquet Dates:  (no food will be served)
Fall sports Banquet – Wednesday, November 20th 6:30pm
Football sports banquet – December 11th
Winter sports Banquet – March 4th 6:30pm
Spring sports banquet – May 20th 6:30pm

Senior Signing

  • Fall signing day -Wednesday,
  • November 13th – PM

  • Early football signing day –
  • Winter signing day- Wednesday,
  • Feb. 5th – 2PM

  • Spring signing day – Wednesday,
  • April 15th – 2PM

Dead week for this summer is Monday July 27-30
Closed practice for all athletic sports Monday, June 28- July 4th
Both weeks are closed to any athletic team practices.