Vikings News · SHS Swim Meet results

The SHS Swim Team had a great night at Converse against Dorman, Spartanburg Day School, Oakbrook Preparatory School, and Spartanburg Christian Academy!! The girls defeated all of the teams involved in last night’s meet: against Dorman 90 to 79, against Oakbrook Prep 109 to 58, against Spartanburg Day School 119 to 47, and against SCA 153 to 0.  The boys were defeated by Oakbrook Prep, Spartanburg Day School, and Dorman, but they defeated SCA.  The scores for the boys were 73 to 88 against Oakbrook, 68 to 92 against Spartanburg Day School, 35 to 129 against Dorman, and 95 to 10 against SCA.

Scoring individually for the Vikings were Caroline Byers, Jacob Price, Emie Cate Green, Thomas Ashby, Fernando Valladolid, Kirsti McEnroe, Sophie Kannee, Maris Staley, John Kurkis, Annika McEnroe, Anna Buchert, Searlait Dunn, Sarah Purinton, Bethany Clary, Ella Hardigree, and Will Maeder.  Also, scoring in relays were Karter Glymph, Bryce Watson, Dylan Jones, Samiah Lewis, Ansley Vereen, and Leo Valladolid.

The swimmers who got season best times in one or both of their individual events last night were Caroline Byers, Emie Cate Green, Thomas Ashby, Fernando Valladolid, Sophie Kannee, Maris Staley, Searlait Dunn, Bryce Watson, Dylan Jones, Will Maeder, Annika McEnroe*, Kirsti McEnroe*, John Kurkis, Sarah Purinton, Samiah Lewis, John Kurkis, Leo Valladolid, Ella Hardigree, Bethany Clary, Cameron Kendrick, Brady Swink, Jacob Price*, and Karter Glymph. (*Indicates swimmer got a State Championship cut time in one or both of their individual events.)

Next, the State Qualifiers will head to USC in Columbia on Monday, October 14th, to swim at the 5A State Championship Meet!  I will announce those individuals next week when the list is finalized!🙂